SBA-2 – IMI Holsters to SAFARILAND Accessories Roto System Adapter


SBA Adapter- compatible with IMI Defense roto system polymer holsters and polymer magazine pouches to SAFARILAND Accessories.


The IMI Defense SAFARILAND Adapter designed as an optional cross adapter device for IMI Holsters and SAFARILAND accessories that are used by military and law enforcement. This new and innovative product easily attaches IMI Defense accessories, such as Polymer Holsters and magazine pouches, to almost all SAFARILAND Accessories, such as Paddle, Molle, Belt loop, Belt Clip and many more. Also, fit the QLS KIT. The IMI Defense SBR Attachment is constructed of polymer, designed for strength and durability, which can withstand the most extreme operating conditions.

The IMI Defense SBA Attachment also facilitates the rapid removal and replacement of the Polymer Holster or Magazine Pouch from the SBA Attachment by virtue of one machine screw, which can be accessed without removing the device from the SAFARILAND Accessories.

Available in black,  O.D. green and desert tan colors.

Made in Israel.

Additional information

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 8 × 1 × 10 cm

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One-year warranty with reasonable usage

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