CTS™ Compact Tactical Stock


Introducing the IMI Defense CTS™ Compact Tactical Stock – a cutting-edge AR15 accessory that blends sleek design with superior functionality. As a leading brand in the industry, IMI Defense has harnessed its expertise to create a stock that excels in every aspect of tactical performance.

Built upon the foundation of strength and reliability, guarantees a stock that can withstand the most demanding environments and tactical situations, ensuring your firearm is equipped to handle any challenge.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the CTS™ Compact Tactical Stock boasts a compact and lightweight profile, making it an ideal choice for carbines and AR15 platforms. Its streamlined design allows for effortless maneuverability without compromising on stability, giving you the edge in critical shooting scenarios.

The IMI Defense CTS™ Compact Tactical Stock is engineered with user-centric features that enhance its versatility. An adjustable length of pull provides a customized fit, catering to various shooter preferences and enabling seamless transitions between shooting positions.

This stock showcases a superior cheek weld, promoting consistent eye alignment with your sights or optics, optimizing accuracy, and reducing fatigue during extended shooting sessions. Whether you’re in the field or on the range, the CTS™ Compact Tactical Stock keeps you focused and ready to perform at your best.

IMI Defense’s commitment to innovation is reflected in the stock’s unique locking system patented under “LTS – Leaves Tension System, which ensures a rock-solid connection to the buffer tube. This precise fit eliminates any wobble or play, granting you enhanced stability and confidence in every shot you take. This innovative design also providing unparalleled protection to the latch mechanism against impact damage from accidental falls, and enhances the stock’s overall rigidity, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Engineered from rugged and durable materials, the CTS Compact Tactical Stock is designed to endure the harshest conditions and maintain its performance over time. The stock’s robust construction withstands heavy use and resists wear, ensuring it remains a steadfast partner in your firearm setup.



Features and benefits:

  • Made of a high-quality fiber-reinforced polymer compound.
  • Available for both Mil-Spec
  • Slim and low profile overmolded buttplate design
  • Shielded slide-release latch
  • Compact tactical design
  • “LTS”© (Leaves Tension System) patented systmen for unique integrated tension system, applies constant pressure on the buffer tube alimenting noise and reddling
  • Right and left QD tactical sling adapter ports
  • Available in Black, O.D. Green, and Desert Tan
  • Made in Israel

Additional information

Weight 230 g
Dimensions 16.8 × 4 × 10.2 cm

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One warranty with reasonable usage

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