Pistol Lanyard

The IMI Defense Pistol lanyard is designed to keep your pistol secure
and "there" when you need it. The lanyard provides a stabilizing
effect as well when shooting. The single quick release mount can mount the belt
loop to your Duty Belt, Combat Belt or it can mount to your Molle Vest (or Tactical
Rig) right behind your dominant arm (shooting arm) shoulder for a streamlined
mounting. Mounting high on the shoulder keeps the muzzle from hitting the
ground if the gun is accidentally dropped. If you are operating from a vehicle
you can mount the pistol lanyard to the front of your vest or duty belt. The
IMI Defense pistol lanyard can also be used for rapid recovery of your side arm
in a CQB environment in case your weapon is seized by an enemy combatant or

Available in Black

Made in Israel 
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